Thursday, 14 April 2011

Field day

Today was a day of learning that had nothing to do with classrooms, books, or even laptops. Today's learning was about giving back to a community who continually supports education. It was about watching educators see a need, rally to the occasion, and create a plan to make a difference. It was about being motivated by a heart-felt speech of appreciation from someone who had lost everything. It was about coming together with another school district to achieve a common goal. It was about working side by side friends and putting aside differences for at least one day. It was about feeling the physical pain of manual labor and also the emotional pain for the families who had lost so much. It was about being reminded how quickly life can change. It was about watching some kids in their natural environment lead the way, while others who were out of their environment rolled up their sleeves and got a little dirty. Ultimately, it was about seeing the tears in the eyes of some area farmers. Although we only made a small dent in Mother Nature's devastation, it felt good to be "educated" in the fields even if it was for just one day.