Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Day of Learning

On October 20th, over 38 schools and 500 educators will be collaborating to learn more about the technology infused classroom. As teachers, one of the best ways to make life-long learners out of our students is to model learning as adults. It is no secret that the learner who walks through our school doors today is very different from the learner we educated even five years ago. They crave opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and communication, but they also need to be taught the importance of professionalism and what it truly means to be an educated digital citizen.

On the 20th, Newell-Fonda is proud to be the host site where educators from all over the state of Iowa will gather to network and learn. We will also be teaming up with Sigourney CSD to share a Ustreamed speaker from the November Learning Team. Brian Mull will be discussing the importance of building a Professional Learning Network and using blogging and Twitter to enhance education. In addition to this, teachers will be attending informative sessions to learn more about technology and the impact it can have on learning. We will also be providing time for teachers to collaborate with other role-alike educators from different schools to discuss specifics strategies that can be used with their subject matter.

Overall, this will be a great opportunity to build relationships and challenge the status quo. If you are interested in following the conversations of the day, join us on Twitter using the hashtag #NWILA.

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